Monday, May 24, 2010

Bachelorette Party & Trash

I drive. I drive a lot sometimes. On Friday, I drove straight from work for a few hours to Richmond, Virginia to a bachelorette party for my friend Wendy, who is getting married in June in Seattle, Washington. I met Wendy and a few of her friends at a Mexican restaurant called Cha Chas, where I got vegetable fajitas. Then, I went with them to Wendy's brother's house where we played Go Fish for a few hours and talked. I stuck to decaffeinated Pepsi. Finally, I got into my car at midnight and drove home, arriving at my house at 2:30 a.m. The need for sleep made the last half hour of the trip especially bad, especially when my iTunes gave out and I was stuck surfing early morning radio broadcasts for music.

The next morning, I gained insight into the eclectic trash in our yard. Over the last several months, I've regularly picked up half-eaten food items and discarded food containers from our yard. My housemates Dave & Zack discovered the senior lady across the street dumping food remnants into our yard. Zack reported that he surreptitiously caught her leaving shrimp tails in our grass near the sewer drain. Basil and Viola, Pat's curious, always hungry, and adorable Boston Terriers, play in the yard sometimes and, unfortunately, look at the trash as a bonus meal. They have gotten sick from eating such debris. On Tuesday, Dave and Zack apparently started spying from our front window on this creepy neighbor, after Dave saw her drop off some partially eaten, chocolate pudding containers. The next day, Dave saw her grab a large branch from her yard and approach our yard. He walked outside on to our porch and, seeing him, she headed back for her yard, placing the branch behind her fence. Her ridiculous, trash-dumping habit sounds like material for a Saturday Night Live skit. Anyway, one of us should confront our sneaky, refuse-ready, elderly neighbor...

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