Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just Wrote Lyrics

I wrote these lyrics for my new band with Pat, Joey, and Dan, although I don't know if Pat wants to sing them:

Song 1
When words reassuring
fall like iron
Crack the ground apart
underneath my feet
But maybe that just means
I need to find another place to take my stand

Shallow promises
Suggest compromises
A voice of honey, ice
and broken bottles
Take and make my own power

Song 2
Relief like the battered silence
at the end of a storm
The story seems to end
but the book doesn't close

People living in tunnels
Children abused
Caste aside
The refused
But the chance exists
I will persist
An infinity of things that might be

I refuse to cower
dreams have power
even in a world with
parts so sour
An infinity of things that might be

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