Monday, December 6, 2010

Youth Brigade

On November 12, I went with Pat Vogel to hear Youth Brigade play at the Sidebar in Baltimore. Whoa ho ho ho ho ho. I haven't listened to Youth Brigade recently, but their sing-a-long lyrics came back to me when they started playing. Youth Brigade formed in 1980, which means that "youth" isn't the first word that jumps to mind when you see the band members take the stage. They are and have been emphasizing, however, that "youth" can be a state of mind - challenging the world, striving to educate yourself, and remaining energetic. They appear to be true believers in DIY and in working toward positive political and social change.

The Sidebar sold out. When Youth Brigade played "Sink with Kalifornija," I sang with a big chunk of the swaying and jumping crowd. I left feeling energized and lucky that I'd gotten to see an amazing, California, punk band that started playing 30 years ago. Wow.

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