Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

I spent New Year's Eve hearing bands play at a show at the Corpse Fortress. The show started with State Violence. And the theme: bands having slight problems. Zack's drum stand was being held together with masking tape and one of his cymbals was half gone. In the end, Zack is an amazing drummer and State Violence drew compliments.

Sacred Love from Baltimore played next with Joe Mitra as their new bassist. Technical difficulties. Joe's bass amp had problems, preventing him from playing beyond the first song. The second guitarist offered to play the bass line. Then, his equipment started having problems. Like some sort of bass curse. The singer joked that he'd be willing to continue on a cappella if the band's gear failed. No need - things moved forward smoothly; people got into hearing the band perform; all's well that ends well.

Troops of Tomorrow came on next with Gary Bird leaving the front door to sing in the basement. I must say that Gary really did a good job of collecting money from people. He showed persistence that I normally don't see, which I'm sure the touring band, No Class, appreciated.

Many people at the show were dressed up - ladies in sequins, Jake in a full-on suit with stripes. The Corpse Fortress basement was, as normal, dank and dark. The clothing made it easier for these swank-looking attendees to leave the show and go to the Clitfest benefit party, which called for formal attire. I don't drink alcohol and didn't feel like staying out later than the show, but I heard the Clitfest party turnout was great.

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