Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hockey Winter Classic

I went to my friend Danae's house to watch the Winter Classic - the Pittsburgh Penguins versus the Washington, DC Capitals. No, I'm not a big sports fan, but I had fun trying to watch the game. First, Danae made amazing vegan vanilla cupcakes - and she's not even vegan. She made veggie dogs, pretzels, curry soup, sweet potato fries, fries with gravy, baked beans, and chili to top the hot dogs. She also had Oreos. Lots of food. Second, my friend Sarah handed out party favors. She made Capitals magnets. She got little hockey puck rings and noisemakers. Plus, she gave everyone red, shiny beaded necklaces. Third, Sarah and Danae decorated - a Winter Classic banner from a few years ago when the Caps won and shining blue lights all over the place. Unlike me, Sarah is obviously a die hard Caps and intense hockey fan.

Here is the "trying to watch the game" part: NBC coverage was terrible. The players moved on Danae's television screen like little, dark lines across a white rectangle and I had no idea of the location of the puck. Does anyone remember/heard of the game Pong? Ridiculous. The NBC camera crew seemed intent on providing wide-angle views. My friend Nick noted that he might as well have watched the game on Google Earth.

Anyway, the Capitals won 3-1. The hockey teams faced off in an outdoor rink and, toward the end, in a downpour. Fortunately, the rain pooling on top of the ice didn't injure any of the players.

As the Pittsburgh fans left the stadium, Kenny referred to it as a "walk of shame." They had to go down four levels of stairs to exit as they got wet from the January rain.

Pat posted something about the game on Facebook. His brother, Greg, happened to be on-line, evidenced by his decision to challenge Pat in a forceful, reprimand text. Pat grew up outside of Philly. His brother questioned Pat's seeming allegiance to the Caps.

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