Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cold in Warm Weather

I'm feeling sick and my ability to process things seems slower, which is my way of making an excuse if this blog entry seems off.

I had an unusual dream about my sister, Jody, last night. We sat in the second level of a dark room that looked like a giant theater. I could see empty seats to our right, left, and on the lower level. A stage was lit in the front of the room and it was some kind of court. Jody was submitting an essay and, for some reason, I was representing her before this court. Why would she be submitting an essay to a robed judge? I have no idea. It was a dream.

Anyway, Jody was upset because the ink was smeared on the first page of her essay and she took off for the basement of the building to use a printer. Right after she left, the prosecutor (?!) called Jody's case. I walked down to the stage and asked the court for a brief continuance. The court denied my request. I appealed, saying that she only left due to her great respect for the court and the solemnity of the proceedings. I explained the ink smudge and told the judge she'd be back any second. The court held her in contempt and ordered that she be placed in handcuffs as soon as she returned to the room. I knew that she'd blame me and felt like I'd failed her. I woke up with tears in my eyes. Dreams...

My sister lives in Dallas, Texas and is a stay-at-home mom. She's usually in the house with her twin pre-schoolers. She has no reason to go to any courts. Her husband reminds me not to touch pans on the stove because they are hot and to buckle my seat belt. (No, I don't get myself burnt or flung around a car during the majority of the year when I don't see him.) Jody is my sister and did buy me Diet Peach Snapple when I visited her in December, but I doubt I'd represent her even in placing a take-out order from a restaurant.

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