Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tiny Town Tour

Last night, Lotus Fucker (Hey, what is in a band's name? These guys are nice and funny.) embarked on the first night of their weekend Tiny Town Tour, playing a Mexican restaurant in Burtonsville, Maryland.

I entered the restaurant, passed by several couples dining, and imagined those couples choking on their chips when Lotus Fucker took the stage. The restaurant had some tables lined up in a narrow corridor like a tributary leading into a main room with a small stage and even more tables.

The restaurant staff was extremely friendly to us. We sat through a band doing 311, Blink 182, and Green Day covers. The restaurant staff brought free nachos for Dan, as well as a pitcher of soda and glasses of water for all of us. Hospitality.

The cover band talked a lot about being drunk, inspiring some inebriated woman to ask me why I hadn't had any alcohol. I was surprised she noticed and also wondered why she was only asking me and not my Lotus Fucker friends sitting with me. I told her that I don't drink alcohol. She quietly placed me into her category of outcasts-who-intentionally-abstain-from-beer, smiled uncomfortably, and walked away.

Lotus Fucker is a noisy hardcore, five-member band with a lot of distortion and growling vocals. They achieve a sound reminiscent of Japanese bands like Gauze. Anyway, they sound nothing like Blink 182.

When they started playing, yes, some people did retreat from the area around the stage. I was the sole Lotus Fucker fan present to cheer on the band. I tried to be demonstrative.
DAN ->

Meanwhile, Lotus Fucker won over the sound man and the guy from the restaurant who set up the band night. They even got asked to play again on May 1st. Go figure. They didn't win over the woman who'd questioned me on my lack of alcohol, but I enjoyed watching her purse her face as she shot out of the room with Dan's first scream.

Dan, the singer, likes to get up in people's faces when he sings. With me being the only person standing in the middle of the room, he told me it'd be a little awkward to keep jumping at me. So, he moved around a lot in an empty space near me.

After the band finished, one woman approached Brad, the guitarist, and told him to ditch Dan and get someone who actually "sangs." It was the first step in her plan for them to become a real band; I guess a band like the 311-cover band. PAT, BRAD, DAN

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