Thursday, April 22, 2010


Last Thursday, I found a tick on me, which left a small bruise when I removed it. So, on Friday, I went to the doctor, who placed me on antibiotics to cure Lyme Disease.

The next day, I went to the Set to Explode show at the Electric Maid, a small club in Takoma Park, Maryland. While I was watching one of the bands play, someone did a stagedive and kicked me in the temple. Before long, I noticed some swelling and bruising at my temple. I didn't black out, but I've had headaches since the kicking. I put off going to the doctor, but finally went and was diagnosed with a post-concussive syndrome. The doctor did a catscan. I suffered no brain damage, but did get a mild concussion.

After that, I dropped my cell phone in a sink full of water accidentally. Cell phones don't swim well. So, I'm getting a new one. I had bought insurance, but I still need to pay $50 for a replacement.

Three bad things... Hopefully, the run of bad luck is over.

Rations at the Electric Maid:

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