Thursday, April 1, 2010


On Tuesday evening, I saw two shows. I started off at the house referred to as The Chill Factory. The first band there was Bookworm and they were enthusiastic. They're going for an early 90s, Gilman-Street sound, in my opinion. The second band Kicking Spit (ANS/Seasick) was smoking. Literally. They plugged their bass head into Pat's cabinet and his bass head was already plugged into it. As they played, the basement of the house smelled increasingly like plastic and smoke swirled around the ceiling light. When Pat looked at his bass head after Kicking Spit played, he saw a spark and his head wouldn't turn on, which is not a good sign. The third band was DOC, Chris and Nolan's band. They are fun to watch. Their bassist was not in town, but they still produced a full sound. I only saw their first few songs, though.

I headed from The Chill Factory to the Black Cat to see Jello Biafra and the Guatanamo School of Medicine. Jello is animated on stage. He gestures wildly and mimes. I would use the word "prances." He, at times, prances around the stage. Beyond the music, he's interesting to watch.

Jello and Guatanamo covered several Dead Kennedys' songs, including Holiday in Cambodia, Let's Lynch the Landlord, and California Uber Alles (with updated lyrics). So cool. So memorable. Enough said.

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