Sunday, June 13, 2010

Birthday - Great Sage & Hunan Manor

I went to Great Sage, an up-scale, vegan restaurant in Clarksville, Maryland, on my birthday with Pat. The restaurant is swank - soft lighting with thin waterfalls decorating the wall like fluid stripes. We finished eating at a little after 8:00 p.m. and a jazz band was setting up as we exited.

The food is expensive, especially given the small portions. We got the pretzel appetizer, which came with three dips - a cheese sauce made of Daiya, a spicy hummus, and a peanut sauce. The pretzel, though, was only about six bites. I at least got to taste all three dips with it... Anyway, the pretzel was hot, soft, and tasty.

For dinner, I got the Chimaya Chili Tostada and Pat got the Lentil-Walnut Griddle Cake. The tortilla had rice underneath with a chili sauce and was topped with refried pinto beans, a few sauteed, julienned peppers and onions, and some thinly sliced (my guess), Gardein chicken. I liked the dish, but the strong tortilla taste of the tostada did overpower the other flavors. Pat loved his griddle cake. I ate a few bites of it with his mashed potatoes. The mashed lentils and walnuts tasted great together. I liked the texture and the herb combination.

For dessert, I had the chocolate lava cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream made from coconut milk. The lava cake was rich and chocolate-y. The center of the cake was gooey and delicious. The dessert seemed like the best part of the meal.

On Friday, I went out to eat with John, who I've known for what seems like forever and remains such a good friend that he feels like family. We went to Hunan Manor, which is my favorite Chinese restaurant in the DC area. I got the Kung Pao Mock Chicken, extra spicy, and he got the General Tso's Mock Chicken. So good. The restaurant doesn't hold back on the spices in its sauces. I love the hot and sour soup and the main dishes never disappoint. I love going there.

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