Monday, June 7, 2010

Max Levine Ensemble, Fugitive Kind, Maybe Baby, State Violence

I went to the first show at Hole in the Sky tonight, which is a new venue/group house in DC. I really loved the space, which is a former warehouse that is now a loft. The area for shows was downright spacious and open. Plus, you can walk outside onto a large, flat rooftop. No one else in the building has access to the roof. It was relaxing to stare at the stars away from cars, pedestrians, and nosy neighbors.

I missed State Violence. They played early. I felt bad, but I only made a pit stop at home to eat dinner after work before jumping into my car and heading to the show. I'll catch them next time they play.

Maybe Baby are from Northern Virginia. They played with earnest, but Pat, Brian, and I left to go to an auto shop because Brian had a flat tire. Brian purchased a can of Fix-A-Flat and we missed most of their performance.

Fugitive Kind are from San Francisco/Oakland. Their lyrics advocate being socially responsible. The female vocalist made me think of Mia Zapata, the singer for the Gits. Mia's voice had more strength and range, but Mia developed it over time. The singer for Fugitive Kind has a naturally gravely, deep voice that can work well for a female punk vocalist. They finished with a song reminding everyone to get consent before engaging in sexual intercourse with another person. The frequently repeated chorus and rhythms of the song reminded me of the style of an early 80s California band like D.I. The dunt, dunt, dunt, dunt, da-dunt (repeat) beat seemed like an awkward accompaniment to the raspy vocals.

The Max Levine Ensemble were fun. Everyone in the crowd was at least bobbing his or her head along with the music. My friend Rachel kept turning around and smiling at me. Greg grabbed a stepladder and used it to ladder dive into the crowd. Anyway, I appreciated the warm atmosphere. I think the lead singer, David Combs, is a friendly guy and the band's music delivers a personable tone.

Now, I'm going to sleep. I have work in the morning.

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